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Grammy Winning Artist Dave Audé Talks Remixing and Producing

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Known for having more #1 hits on the “Billboard Dance Club Songs” chart than any other producer, he is a Grammy award winner, a house DJ and coveted remixer who’s worked with Katy Perry, Madonna and Lady Gaga. Beginning his career at the Los Angeles Recording Workshop as a MIDI instructor while at the same […]

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Fashion Designer and Founder of Electroclash Larry Tee Talks Music & TZUJI

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Known as the godfather of electroclash, the Berlin-based DJ, club promoter, and music producer who helped launch the careers of the Scissor Sisters, Fischerspooner and Peaches now finds himself making headlines designing clothes for his recently launched label TZUJI. Worn by celebrities and influencers like Rihanna, Missy Elliott and Jimmy Fallon, the label defines itself as the look of […]

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Libertine’s Johnson Hartig Rehashes Vintage Clothing and Ups Ante In The Fashion Game

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Equipped with inspirations that ricochet between art, fashion, history, design, travel, culture, florescence microscopy cell research and canine appreciation, Libertine has cultivated collaborations with everyone from Damien Hirst and Goyard to Converse and even Target. FacebookTwitterGoogleMail

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Artist Davide Balliano Dives Deep Into His Practice

Born in Turin, Italy in 1983, the artist whose work represents the erotic aspects of the creating and destroying cycle sees inspiration in a loving yet ferocious system controlled by the rules of relationship. Specializing in paintings and sculptures portrayed in a minimalists style of largely geometric shapes, he shys away from comercial creativity and delves deep […]

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