Artist Barbara Kruger’s New Solo Exhibition “Forever” On View in Berlin

Creating a visual forum for the cultural constructions of power, identity, and sexuality, the American collage artist who hails from New Jersey takes the stage in a graphic new solo exhibit entitled “Forever.”

“I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren’t,” said Kruger of her work.

Inside the venue, words scrolled across the large vinyl wrapped walls read “TEXT,” “SEXT,” “SHAME,” and “CONTROL,” much like those found on advertisements selling a product or a brand for many large-scale corporations. Only here, she uses the ideas of popular culture to spark a visual conversation with the viewer not to sell, but rather to inform and educate. By challenging these ideas found in our world of communication, she’s able to rework these messages present in modern publications, found photographs and various other media using cultural lexicons as a form of protest just as she has with her other works featuring slogans like “I Shop, Therefore I Am,” “Your Body is a Battleground,” and “Give Your Brain as Much Attention as You Do Your Hair and You’ll Be a Thousand Times Better Off.”

With large-scale immersive video and audio installations at the core of her arsenal, her stories are a satire “on the nature of truth, power, belief, and doubt.” Featured in both galleries and public spaces across the globe, they have become as much a part of the conversation as the original ideas that spawned them – making them great for posters, postcards, T-shirts and even billboards. She’s even designed covers for Esquire, Newsweek, and The New Republic with perhaps one of her most recent being the controversial New York cover featuring President Donald Trump with the word “LOSER” plastered across his face. She’s also taken jabs at the clothing label Supreme that got their idea for the company logo her body of work in a pop-up show called “The Drop.”

Barbara Kruger’s “New York” Cover “Loser”

Artwork From Barbara Kruger’s Show “The Drop.”

Open until Dec. 22, 2017, at Sprüth Magers in Berlin, Germany, the show is certainly a must see for anyone who’s interested a socio-political commentary where the ideas of consumerism and modern culture come to a head.

Sprüth Magers
Oranienburger Str. 18
10178 Berlin

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is a writer, web designer and former senior editor for ODDA magazine, a glossy 500+ page high fashion magazine. In addition to his work for ODDA, he is also a freelance writer for LAB A4 and a creative director for various projects across various industries where he specializes in branding, identity and visual strategy. He is also the founding editor of PLOY.

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