DJ/Producer Team Two Friends Reveals Why They’re the Friendliest Duo in EDM

Following the success of their debut EP, “Out Of Love,” as well as their smash single “Emily,” the creative duo that’s been making waves across the musical spectrum with their uplifting vibes and catchy melodies recently dropped their latest single “While We’re Dreaming.” Cleverly infusing pop with the world of dance, it’s an up-beat jam featuring L.A. native Kevin Writer on vocals that reminisces of the care free days of our youth spent basking in the summer sun. Currently listed by The Chainsmokers as the most underrated producers on the circuit, they’ve already garnered support from big-hitters like Tiesto, Martin Garrix and Tove Lo. Keeping up the momentum, they’re going full-throttle into music history!

1.) To start, tell us a little bit about how you got your start in music. How did you meet?

We grew up together in Los Angeles. Even though we first met in middle school when we were 12, it wasn’t until the very end of high school that we decided it could be fun to make music together. It’s pretty crazy that what originally started just as “Hey, you’re my best friend, let’s mess around with music and see what happens” has turned into our careers and taken us all over. We try to never take that for granted and work as hard as we can to take advantage of the opportunity we have in front of us.

2.) Having released your debut EP “Out of Love” earlier this year and now your current single “While We’re Dreaming,” you have 20+ million streams on Spotify, 50+ million on Soundcloud and 45+ million on YouTube. What was your inspiration for the album and the new single? What did you learn from the process of making them? How does it feel to be one step closer to being huge?

I think one thing we learned from the EP and our recent single was the idea of just reinforcing how fun and rewarding it is to release music. After months (and sometimes even years) of working on something and getting so “in your head” about all the tiniest details, it’s always worth it when we can play our songs at shows and see people scream along to the lyrics and see it resonating with people on a deeper level. It’s sometimes pretty crazy to look back and think of where we were a couple years ago, or even six months ago, and see the progress we’ve made. But we know there are much bigger things ahead and we’re not planning to take our feet off the gas anytime soon!

Two Friends – Out Of Love EP

Two Friends ft. Kevin Writer – While We’re Dreaming

3.) Explain your creative process, then describe your creative style in three (3) words.

Our creative process is honestly super different each time. Sometimes, we’ll start with just a chord progression and we’ll start writing a vocal over it before we really start to produce it out at all. Other times, it’ll be the opposite and we’ll have an almost full instrumental draft and wait until then to start writing & recording vocals. And ultimately, if something really inspires us or a new idea for a song pops into our head, we’ll immediately drop everything we’re doing and make sure to get that down. Describing our style in three words is obviously very tough, ha-ha, but I’d guess we’d go with: energy, emotion, fresh.

4.) You’ve just released one of your biggest remixes to date for The Chainsmokers called “Break Up Every Night.” Tell us about being contacted by the them to rejig the track.

We were really excited to get the opportunity to remix this song. The vocal lent itself to some fun re-imagining. We got out the guitar, added some sax, and tried to put a cool new spin on a song we’ve always been fans of. Shouts to the Chainsmokers. They’re good dudes making good music, and their support over the last couple years has been humbling.


5.) From producing in dorm rooms during your senior year of high school, to playing sold out shows across America, you’ve acquired a reputation for being some of the best remixers on the circuit. You’ve also been listed by The Chainsmokers as the most underrated producers currently out there. How does this make you feel? How did you get into remixing? What do you like about it? Would you rather remix or produce original music?

We love it all, but there is something extra special about people singing along to original lyrics that we wrote ourselves that makes the originals a little more satisfying. Starting from a totally blank canvas is of course a challenge, but it’s one that we embrace and that excites us. Whether it’s a song that brings back nostalgic memories (like choosing to remix Mr. Brightside), a current song that we think could be flipped in a unique way (like choosing to remix iSpy), or an opportunity to remix a song from producers or artist we look up to (like doing the Chainsmokers remix you mentioned above), remixes have of course also been a big part of Two Friends and it’s always fun to try to put our own spin on something that we already enjoy.

6.) Please give a short answer for each of the following:

– Favorite Musicians:
Matt: Ben Gibbard
Eli: Elton John

– Guilty Pleasures:
Matt: Going to bed early
Eli: Rom-coms

– Biggest Fear:
Matt: Bugs
Eli: Nothing

– Favorite Movies:
Matt: Gone Girl. Or Get Out.
Eli: Lion. Also for the record, Gone Girl sucks!

– Biggest Regret:
Matt: Not starting to produce earlier. If we started when we were 12 instead of 18, oh boy …
Eli: Not learning more instruments when I was younger.

7.) Who are your musical influences? Where do you get your inspiration from?

We really do draw inspiration from all sorts of genres and artists, not solely electronic music. There are also certain specific things about each of the influences that grabs our attention. It can be their songwriting, their chord progressions, their melodies, or just their ‘vibes,’ etc. Some of the names on that long list include Death Cab For Cutie, Panic At The Disco, Goo Goo Dolls, Eminem, Blink-182, etc. Most of our songwriting is based off of ideas and stories that have happened to us or that we’ve heard of a friend living through. For some of our recent music though, including “While We’re Dreaming,” a lot of the inspiration came from living in Los Angeles and our experiences growing up here.

8.) So far, you guys have played at venues like The Roxy, the House of Blues, Stereo Live and at festivals like Electric Forest x2, Abroad Fest Barcelona and Party Bahamas. If you could play at any venue and headline any festival, what would they be?

I think it would have to be Coachella. We’ve gone together pretty much every year since we were 12 or 13 and have too many good memories there to count. Headlining it one day, well, it doesn’t really get any better than that. In terms of other venues, Red Rocks would be epic. And honestly, we’re never gonna complain about more gigs in tropical locations, ha-ha.

Two Friends at Electric Forrest Festival
Two Friends at Electric Forrest Festival

9.) With a handful of dates left on your “While We’re Dreaming” tour, what do you plan to do when it’s done? What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not busy making music?

We try to make the most of our free time since it’s becoming more and more limited. But, I guess that’s sometimes a good problem to have, ha-ha. We like to organize sports with our friends – basketball, softball, football. There’s a new one we’ve been playing called Spikeball. We’re also obsessed with fantasy football, too. In fact, we’re playing each other this week in a grudge match.


You can see the updated list of tour dates here.

10.) Finally, what are your plans for the future? Who would you like to work with? What kind of work can we expect to see from you?

There’s so much more original music that we are super proud of and excited to share with the world that’s in the works. Look forward to to more shows, more collaborations, more “Big Bootie Mixes,” more “Friendly Sessions” episodes, and of course, more Two Friends. We’re going full-throttle!

Two Friends – Recent Tracks

Two Friends – Emily ft. James Delaney

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