Magnus Gjoen’s New Show “Die Young as Late as Possible” Opens in Norway

Born in London to Norwegian parents, the artist known for reimagining the traditional through a collection of mixed media prints takes to the stage as he alters the perception between the viewer and the preconceived notions of the objects in front of them. Relishing in the juxtaposition of destructive often dangerous and taboo objects with that of the serene and customarily delicate nature of beauty, his unique pieces draw on the visual delineations of history and innuendo creating a personal aesthetic that incorporates street and pop culture with a fine art approach.

Mangus Gjoen
Mangus Gjoen

Experienced through a process of blending two genres from completely different worlds, his art is a rumination of rediscovery. One where telling a story about the past through the lens of modernity takes the viewer on a journey through time. Questioning, challenging and thinking, they are one step closer to salvation in a godless generation. Describing himself as an ‘accidental’ artist, he once studied fine art and fashion design and worked for brands like Vivienne Westwood before discovering art as a profession.

Mangus Gjoen’s Show In Norway (2017)

On view from Nov. 11-25 at the Gallery GEO in Bergen, it’s a show you must see. For more information, please visit the gallery website.

Galleri GEO

Olav Kyrresgt 43
5014 Bergen

Phone: 55 32 92 50
+47 46783812

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