Electronica Duo BLVK JVCK Discusses Working With DJ Khaled and the Release of Their New Single “Mine Luv” in a Ploy Exclusive

Creating for some of the biggest names in music including Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown under the moniker The Runners, the new creative electronic duo behind DJ Khaled’s “Go Hard” and Rick Ross’ “Hustlin'” hits the airwaves with the release of their new single “Mine Luv.” In chart stomping fashion, they’ve done it again – entering a new era in music as artists at the forefront of their game. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out their official remix for Bruno Mars’ global smash “That’s What I Like,” too. It’s lit!!


1.) “You’ve just released your debut track “Mind Games” on Big Beat Records. Tell us how it feels now that it’s been released. What did you learn from the production process? Has the out outcome surpassed your expectations?
It feels amazing to get the project off the ground. We have been signed to Big Beat for close to six months now and we’ve just recently released our first song “Mind Games” and now our latest song “Mine Luv” will drop this week.

As for the process, one thing we’ve learned was that is that it takes more time than expected to launch a new artist project. Collectively with the label, we’ve had to get the branding on point before we could start releasing music.

And in terms of the outcome, “Mind Games” definitely met our expectations. Our goal with it was to introduce the audience to the sound of BLVK JVCK and we’ve definitely achieved it.

2.) As part of the “Mind Game” release package, you guys also did a music video about finding love directed by Edgar Esteves that dropped on Bullett Magazine’s website back in September. How did the idea for the video come about?
We have known Edgar for many years through our connection with We The Best Music in Miami, FL. He was always doing really sick videos for Ace Hood, so we felt we should approach him about working on BLVK JVCK.
Ultimately, we sat with Edgar and discussed what the song stood for. It was a story about a relationship that was tarnished due to mental warfare. The maze in the video represents the mind space of a lost couple. At the end, they find each other – but they can’t pull themselves back together though the hedge maze – Forever Lost.

3.) Vocals on the track are done by Dyo, a London-based artist who’s been featured on two #1 UK singles with three other songs in the top 10. She’s also got songwriting credits on releases from Fifth Harmony, Iggy Azalea, and Maroon 5’s current single “What Lovers Do” ft. SZA. Tell us how the collaboration came about.

We met Dyo through Ryan Press at Warner Chappell Music. We set up a writing session and were immediately drawn to her unique style. Our goal for BLVK JVCK is to make music that doesn’t sound like everything else and Dyo did an excellent job of delivering something fresh.
4.) As a duo that’s produced tracks for Lil’ Wayne, Rihanna and Justin Bieber, tell us why you decided to venture out on your own to produce music under the moniker BLVK JVCK rather than The Runners? Where did the name BLVK JVCK come from?
We decided to create BLVK JVCK to release our own music. The Runners will still be used when we produce music for other artists though. We feel it is important to separate the two for artistic purposes. BLVK JVCK has a unique sound that is cohesive for all of the releases. It has an identity of its own. On the flip side, The Runners produce music for other artists with no artistic constraints from BLVK JVCK.
The name BLVK JVCK came to Mayne in a dream. Initially, he had a dream with the word “BLVK.” We discussed it a little further and decided we liked the way “BLVK JVCK” flowed together. We felt it was a vibe!

BLVK JVCK-animation-still-PLOY

5.) As we said earlier, you’ve produced songs for many big name artists, but perhaps two of your most well-known tracks are “Hustlin’” by Rick Ross and “GoHard” by DJ Khaled which you produced while working for Khaled’s team. Name your most memorable moment from working on each project. Also, what did DJ Khaled teach you in regards to music that trickles over into your business or creative process today?
To be honest, there are a lot of memorable moments from all of the projects we’ve worked on. Every project was a challenge. One of the most memorable moments though was when Khaled called us to the studio to listen to Jay-Z’s verse on the “Go Hard” remix. Another memorable moment is when we first heard Rihanna’s vocals on “California King Bed.” It legit gave us goosebumps. As far as what we’ve learned from working with Khaled, well, he’s actually taught us a lot, really. In the many years we worked together he always pushed us to work harder. He taught us to trust our gut, and don’t let anyone else tell you that you can’t accomplish your vision. And most importantly, he taught us to bet on ourselves.

6.) Now that you’ve started to work on your own, what’s the biggest difference in working with top-tier artists vs. producing your own music?
We are loving doing both. What we really love about producing our own music is that we have no creative constraints. We don’t have to worry about creating something that has to suite another artist’s brand. On the other hand, it’s fun to leave our comfort zone and create music for our favorite artists.

7.) Explain your creative process and describe your creative style in three (3) words.

– Creative Process: Unique, Detailed, Formulaic
8.) Out of the two of you, who’s the better producer?
We both produce excellent results in life and in music. So it’s a draw!
9.) If you were both stranded on an island, name three things you couldn’t live without.
-Dru: Gym Shoes, My girl, and Diet Coke
-Mayne: Fresh Sneaks, Watching Boxing, My Wife

10.) You’ve just released your new single “Mine Luv,” which features vocals from the artist H.E.R. Give us some details about the creative process and inspiration behind the song.
We went in the studio with Lisa Vitale and Kennedi with the goal of creating something that blended R&B and Electronica. Both writers are insanely talented so once we played them the chord progression, they immediately started locking in on the melody. They nailed the verses and a rough version of the chorus in one writing session. We produced up the track and called them back in to tweak out the chorus. They nailed it! We discussed feature options and decided we wanted to feature a true artist on the song. We felt H.E.R. was the perfect choice because she was a true voice for R&B. Ryan Press from Warner Chappell called her manager, Jeff Robinson, and put it together. The rest is history!

BLVK JVCK "Mine Luv" Cover Art
BLVK JVCK “Mine Luv” Cover Art

11.) Finally, in five years’ time, where do you see your yourselves? Who would you like to work with?
In five years we will be touring the world! As far as who we’d like to work with work with … the young “new age” artists of that era!

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