Amsterdam-based design duo Sanne Schepers and Anne Bosman of Schepers Bosman Infuse Avant-garde, Pop and Minimalism Into Fashion

With boundaries to break and new worlds to explore, the creative duo with an educational history in fashion design coupled with a deep love for minimalism started the eponymous label as a reflection of their design ethics. Now, a brand that starts trends, it was once conceived as an exploration and experiment in the understanding of how their styles would marry with one another. And given that, it serves as a fundamental means to make the normal and everyday something special catching the hearts and minds of not only their loyal followers but those yet to discover them.

1.) Tell us a little about your education and your interest in fashion.

We both graduated in 2011 with honors from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, with a BA in Fashion Design. Sanne continued her studies at l’Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) in Paris and Anne studied further and graduated from Central Saint Martins London with an in MA Menswear.

2.) In Sept. 2017, you won the Mercedes-Benz Les Etoiles Design Competition. Tell us about the experience.

We hoped that we would win, but still, it was a big surprise. Winning such a big design competition and getting recognition from such an great jury felt like a great honor. 

Schepers Bosman win Les Etoiles Design Competition, Image by Julie Trannoy

3.) Prior to Schepers Bosman, you created the label Futura with business partner Tom Renema. Minus one team member, how does Schepers Bosman differ?

Futura was created with the intention of being a commercial fashion label focused on sales. To differentiate the two, the first Schepers Bosman presentation was a creative collaboration simply done to create a reflection on our design ethics and how they would combine with one another. Looking back, we never imagined Schepers Bosman would become a label and become as big as it is right now.

4.) What do you like and dislike about working in menswear?

We like the fact that there are still boundaries to break and new worlds to explore. We dislike that there’s not really something big to dislike.

5.) Who’s the creative brain behind your runway shows and lookbooks?

The two of us, of course! 

6.) Give us some insight into your design philosophy. What does the “idea” of Schepers Bosman stand for?

It means to make something normal and everyday special.

7.) Giving some insight into your creative process, tell us about the inspiration behind your latest collection. Then, please describe your creative style in three (3) words. 

Avant-garde and pop with a minimalistic approach.

8.) For the FW18 season, what are your favorite trends in menswear?

We don’t focus on trends, but on creating them. Other people are trained to then discover these popular trends.

9.) As a small brand amongst many larger fashion houses, how do you harness a following and tailor your collections to the buying public? Where can we find your clothes?

A lot of people have been contacting us via email or via our social media accounts for buying the garments.

10.) What’s next? Where do you see yourselves in five years time?

What’s next? Menswear SS19. In five years time, we hope to have a strong, solid and healthy company. And instead of asking people for their help or support on a voluntary base, we hope to be able to pay them for this work.

Thanks! It was a pleasure to answer your questions.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is a writer, web designer and former senior editor for ODDA magazine, a glossy 500+ page high fashion magazine. In addition to his work for ODDA, he is also a freelance writer for LAB A4 and a creative director for various projects across various industries where he specializes in branding, identity and visual strategy. He is also the founding editor of PLOY.

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