Korean Brand Antimatter Holds Sway as it Creates Resistance and Embraces the Counter-Culture Movement

Born out of a personal interest for having fun, it’s was originally an idea meant to embody the characteristics and thoughts of a perfectly created counter-culture. Building upon that idea and wedding it with fashion, he’s created not only a resistance, but a brand that embraces the uncertainty of youth and expresses the fear of the youngsters who wear it.


1.) First, tell us about the name Antimatter. What does it mean and how did it
come about?

Normally, “Antimatter” is seen as a physics term. I came up with the idea while reading a science paper. In summary, “Antimatter” is the most expensive material and it is existing, but not existing at the same time. I was very attracted to these characteristics and thought it perfectly matched with the brand I was trying to develop for representing counter-culture and cultures of resistance from my inside.

2.) Who’s behind it and when did it start?

Antimatter was started from my personal interesting wanting to try something fun. Its now became a team with many teammates who are specialists for video, web, graphics and clothing.

3.) Where were you when you got the idea to start the company?

Well, Antimatter is based on Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is a very fast paced, multi-cultural city. I bet you can feel this atmosphere of Seoul from our brand.

4.) Many in the industry hold some type of degree in fashion. How did you end up in fashion? What’s your educational background?

My major while at university was modern art and I loved to work on installation art and sculpture the most. But when I took a class from one of the famous fashion designers, he suggested to me to help on his project after he found my work interesting. That was the first door that opened in front of my fashion career.

5.) With collections entitled “Uncanny,” “Scared,” and “O,” you seem to be making some type of statement through the use of words, slogans and style. Please explain.

The title of each season is based on my emotions that I was being overwhelmed with when I prepared the collection. Many of them are expressing the uncertainty of youth and fear of youngsters who are the owners of counterculture.

6.) Your latest FW18 collection “Bit Planet” hit the stages during Seoul Fashion Week. Tell us about the inspiration behind the collection.

The “Bit Planet” collection has its roots in our last season, “Bit & Beat,” and expands on its concept. I wanted to express the similarity which I found some resonance with illustrated the ideas between the “Bit Generation,” who represents internet and digital generation, and the “Beat Generation,” who represents the 60s and hippie culture.

7.) On your website you have a section called “Projects.” Tell us about it.

It’s composed of separated projects aside from the collections. Some of them are seasonal, others are maybe more public friendly. I would like to explore many projects – fun and exciting!

“Stay Bad Ass” Project

8.) Via your web portal, you also feature several fashion videos. From conception to completion, can you illustrate the creative process you undergo when creating a new video.

When we produce new videos, the most important thing is to align them with the brand concept of the collection. The video can show our identity very directly. So we think it is one of most important channels of marketing. If you haven’t watched it yet, please visit our site and check it out.

9.) For those of us looking to stay up-to-date with Antimatter, how can we follow the brand? Where can we find and buy your clothes?

Please follow us on our website : antimatter.kr or our Instagram : @antimatter_official
Additionally, Hypebeast updates our recent news and introduces us often. And I bet Ploy will also update our news in future.

You can also find us on the ASOS shop online and at other offline based shops and our website!
Please visit us!

10.) Finally, what does the future hold for you? Any new projects underway?

I’m planning fun graphics and stuff that only “Antimatter” can show. Our next goal is to debut at Paris Fashion Week. Please cross your fingers for what’s next!

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is a writer, web designer and former senior editor for ODDA magazine, a glossy 500+ page high fashion magazine. In addition to his work for ODDA, he is also a freelance writer for LAB A4 and a creative director for various projects across various industries where he specializes in branding, identity and visual strategy. He is also the founding editor of PLOY.

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