Korean-based Youth Clothing Brand Flood Takes the Market by Storm

Inspired by the ideas embodied in the existence of the underground, business partners Yuji and Wong Kim have stepped onto the scene whipping up a storm. Popular among young adults, they connect to their audience by unearthing the cultural influence around them. Mixing street-wear and active-wear, it’ll be interesting to see how the brand, now only available in Korea and online, will expand throughout the market. Get a heads up on the brand below.


Flood’s Instagram

1.) So lets talk about about Flood. How was it started and who’s behind it?

Flood is high fashion and street fashion brand. My partner Yuju and I (Woong Kim) are old time friends. We both have been deeply into the street scene, so we decided to make our preferred clothing for ourselves and share it with other people who are also interested in our creation.

2.) How did the name “Flood” come about? Where did it come from?

There are two specific reasons that we decided to name our brand “FLOOD.” First, like the word “FLOOD,” we wanted to give a great influence to the fashion industry. Second, when we normally prepare for our next collection, we get inspired from a sub-culture. So we started to realize that when a new scene creates a new culture by changing the main culture, it seemed to us that big change is like a “FLOOD.”

3.) For a bit of background on the brand, can you talk a little about the brands business model and marketing strategy? How are you building a clientele?

Our brand is popular and preferred by the younger generation of 10 to 20 years olds. We connect the to cultural industry, which they love, by our clothing. For instance, we carefully checkup on rappers, DJs, graphic artists through social media and we carefully pick the artists who match with our brand and then collaborate. We also are influenced by their approach to fashion and art. In the future, we are planning to collaborate with artists and create a special collection.

4.) Many, although not all, in the industry have some type of formal training in fashion. How did you end up in fashion? Have you been schooled in fashion design or is it something you learned on your own?

My partner Yuju actually studied fashion design at ESMOD SEOUL for just a year. But I don’t think our inspiration is from years of schooling, rather it’s from hearing and watching various aspects of culture carefully.

5.) Your SS18 collection seems to be a fusion of activewear and streetwear pieces. What was the inspiration behind it?

Our main purpose in SS18 was to let people know how fresh our brand is with our recent interest is active-wear. We had a curiosity that begged the question, “what if two current fashion trends which are street-wear and active-wear mix it up together?” So we designed our idiomatic collection to look like FLOOD’s logo which used drastic graphics and limited colors (white, blue, and black).

6.) For your 2018 collection, you released a “Spring Teaser” lookbook. Tell us about the design process you went through in concepting and developing the idea and in creating the actual pieces for your debut collection.

First, we deduct the main theme and then we researched various images which are related to the main theme. Next, we create a graphic design on the basis of researched images. It’s at this time that we deduct the colors that we are going to use for the main collection. Finally, we combine the graphic design and main colors to create the clothing designs and the process is done.

7.) Following the “Spring Teaser,” you released your first formal lookbook featuring actual pieces from your first collection. Give us some insight into how the designs may have changed from those featured in your “Spring Teaser” collection. Did you learn anything valuable during the process?

On our “teaser” look-book, we mainly aimed to create a sense of curiosity. We presented a small piece of our brand and gave a little bit of an explanation. On our main look-book, we gave an actual direction. We showed our creativity and a symbol of our brand’s strong image, explain it to the people in more specific way.

8.) Your “Spring Teaser” collection was released to the web in March and was available for purchase on online. Explain what you did in preparation for the launch. Was your branding and website completed prior to the creation of the collection or was it a collective process where by which the clothing and branding was completed together? Besides your web presence, did you hold a launch party or do any marketing?

We wanted a coherence of the brand’s image and the website. So we researched other brand’s websites which are similar to FLOOD’s image. And based on the research, we created the official website. On FLOOD, we gave the plan and the direction to the SUHON STUDIO where they mainly work on creating websites.

9.) For those of us living outside of Korea, how can we stay up to date the brand? Where can we find your clothes?

We mainly use Instagram (@flood_showroom). There, we can contact or connect with not only domestic customers, but foreign customers as well. We also check musinsa.com and fuckingyoung.es to get recent news of worldwide fashion.

10.) Lastly, what’s next for the brand? Do you plan to expand into other markets?

Obviously, we would love for people from all over the world to know or hear about our brand. In Taiwan, Australia, France, and England, we have a surprising amount interest. Currently, we are deciding to put our clothing only in select shops. Eventually, though, FLOOD will expand, and be available, not only in Korea, but world-wide.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is a writer, web designer and former senior editor for ODDA magazine, a glossy 500+ page high fashion magazine. In addition to his work for ODDA, he is also a freelance writer for LAB A4 and a creative director for various projects across various industries where he specializes in branding, identity and visual strategy. He is also the founding editor of PLOY.

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