2018, Art, Interviews

Contemporary Artist Kev Munday Chats With Us About Past Accomplishments and His Love for Making Enjoyable Art

Known for his happy-go-lucky style featuring black outlined drawings mixed with vibrant colors and a child-like naivete, he’s collaborated with brands like Walt Disney, Graham & Brown and Fracture Skateboards. Even Monster Energy Drinks hired him to produce a large-scale mural for them. Most likely for his ability to reach large audiences with his appeal […]

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2017, Art, Design

Shepard Fairey to Launch Biggest Solo Exhibition Yet in LA

Making headway as one of the the art worlds most vocal and active voices for change, the artist know for his prolific work as the founder of Obey Clothing and the designer of the Barack Obama “Hope” poster is at again with a new solo exhibition entitled, “Damages,” where focus is placed on the marginalized […]

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2017, Art, Interviews

Artist Davide Balliano Dives Deep Into His Practice

Born in Turin, Italy in 1983, the artist whose work represents the erotic aspects of the creating and destroying cycle sees inspiration in a loving yet ferocious system controlled by the rules of relationship. Specializing in paintings and sculptures portrayed in a minimalists style of largely geometric shapes, he shys away from comercial creativity and delves deep […]

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